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University Ranking by Student Global Performance in global INSPIRELI World Architecture University Ranking

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Overall University Ranking

4 VSB - Technical Univerzity in Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture 218 Czech Republic
5 FA VUT - Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture 162 Czech Republic
6 Tomas Bata University in Zlín 158 Czech Republic
7 Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture 152 Ukraine
8 Foshan Institute of Science and Technology 120 China
9 TUL - Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Architecture 108 Czech Republic
10 UMPRUM - Academy of Arts 106 Czech Republic
11 Jordan University of Science and Technology 102 Jordan
12 Academy of Architecture and Arts 58 Russian Federation
13 Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava 54 Slovakia
14 Varna Free University "Chernorizets Xrabar", Varna, Bulgaria 52 Bulgaria
15 Ariel University, School of Architecture, Ariel 52 Israel
16 STU in Bratislava - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture 50 Slovakia
17 Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art (University of Glasgow), Glasgow, Scotland 50 United Kingdom
18 UNAM, Facultad de Arquitectura, Mexico City 50 Mexico
19 FAST VUT - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Department of Architecture 50 Czech Republic
20 DesinŠkola Praha 50 Czech Republic
21 Mendelova univerzita v Brně 8 Czech Republic
22 MRSU-Mordovian State University, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering 8 Russian Federation
23 MArchI, Moscow Architectural Institute – State Academy 6 Russian Federation
24 Kaunas University of Technology 4 Lithuania
25 USAAA, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Ekaterinburg 4 Russian Federation
26 Gdańsk Technical University (Politechnika Gdańska), Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk 4 Poland
27 L.N.Eurasian National University 2 Kazakhstan
28 Nizhnevartovsk State University 2 Russian Federation
29 Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Architecture, Building and Planning, Eindhoven 2 Netherlands
30 Kuban State University 2 Russian Federation
31 Institut d'architecture de Mostaganem 2 Algeria
32 University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, Department the architecture programme, Linz 2 Austria
33 Donbasska State Academy of Construction and Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Makeevka 2 Ukraine
34 Fakulta designu a umění Ladislava Sutnara Západočeské univerzity v Plzni - FDULS 2 Czech Republic
35 Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy 2 Russian Federation
36 NGAHA, Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and fine Arts, Novosibirsk 2 Russian Federation
37 Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Voronezh SUACE) 2 Russian Federation
38 Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism 2 Albania
39 Brest State Technical University 2 Belarus
40 Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building 2 Russian Federation
41 University of Applied Sciences Erfurt 2 Germany
42 RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Architecture, Aachen, Germany 2 Germany
43 WIZO 2 Israel
44 Hanoi Architectural University 2 Viet Nam
45 COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Department of Architecture and Design, Islamabad 2 Pakistan
46 TEDU 2 Turkey
47 South Ural State University 2 Russian Federation
48 Technická univerzita vo Zvolene 2 Slovakia

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